I write an inspirational message Monday through Friday. These messages address challenges or situations that are common to divorce and provide insights and encouragement for dealing with them from the Catholic perspective. They have been very popular with my subscribers.

Sample Daily Inspiration

Here is a sample of a Daily Inspiration:


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Here is what some of my subscribers are saying about the Daily Inspirations:

It is actually only your email that keeps me connected. I’ve been reading them all since 2012… They are magical in keeping a small flame of hope alive. – Claudi

I love getting these messages in my email box.  I don’t connect with all of them but they leave me thinking, and several have eased my heart at just the right moment…as if another Message has been sent/delivered in perfect timing. – Victoria

I came across your site providentially and your daily emails have been meeting me exactly where I need. – Steve

While I found the [support] group to really help in my recovery and healing, nothing is as inspiring as your Daily Messages… I need your words to Catholics like me. – Donna

I have learned so much from your posts. Keep telling the truth. – Maria

Thank you so much for these inspirations! – Marieke

This one really hit me thanks it was as if you sent this out just for me. – Giselle

What I have always tried to say, but never so eloquently. – Mary

Thank you for all the work and encouragement that we have received from this site. – Glenn

I have been divorced for 4 years and find the very inspiring and the messages are so true and exactly my beliefs too. – Kris

You were a guiding light to me for the past two years. – Maria


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