No Plan B

The year or two after my divorce was final was a very confusing time. I sure did my share of fumbling around as I tried, often in vain, to figure out this new life I had been thrust into. I would like to say I learned quickly, and I was able to promptly bring order and clarity into my life. But, that would be a lie. Usually, I would act like a spoiled brat with God, demanding that He take away my every pain and grant me my every desire. I often felt like I was in a tug-o-war with God. Pulling hard to get my way, and fighting just as hard against what was clearly His way. 

If this sounds like you, remember this: God only has one plan for us–Plan A. He created us to fulfill that plan. He has no Plan B. When things are difficult, or we rather just set our own course, we want there to be a Plan B. This plan is easier, more comfortable, and if the truth be known, serves primarily to make us happy. And there’s the rub. When we run our plan instead of God’s, while it might make us happy, and reduce the pain in our lives, it is only temporary. Lasting peace and joy only comes from surrendering our life to live God’s plan for us. Anything else is just Plan B. 

“My Father, if this cannot pass unless I drink it, thy will be done.” – Matthew 26:42

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