Never Forgotten

It was a little after midnight and I lay there in bed; the house was empty. It was New Year’s Eve and my parents took the kids for the night to give me some time off just in case I wanted to “celebrate.” Yeah, right, like I had something to celebrate. My divorce had just hit three months earlier, and while everyone else was celebrating love, life, and future prosperity, I was laying on that cold bed, in that empty house, feeling very, very alone. I had cried all the tears I could cry, and I had prayed—no, begged— God to save my marriage. Now I was left to face the reality that my marriage was over, and I was alone, possibly forever.

Oh, how I wish someone would have come along and snapped me out of my pity-filled stupor! I was too numbed by my own pain to be able to sense God’s loving presence with me on that dark, lonely night. What I failed to grasp was that I was no different than all the other suffering souls through the ages that had come before me. God’s promise to never forget His people was made to me and to you, too. No matter the depths of your pain, or the hopelessness of your circumstances, God is always present, always loving, always patiently accompanying you on your most difficult of paths. You are never alone. He will never forget you.

Can a mother forget her infant, be without tenderness for the child of her womb? Even should she forget, I will never forget you. – Isaiah 49:15

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