“I have to tell you that I have gotten some feedback that the name of your ministry is making some people uncomfortable,” my spiritual director advised me. When I probed further, I was told that promoting a ministry with the name “Divorced Catholic” was interpreted as promoting divorce, and, further, my zeal for helping divorced Catholics came across by some as my celebrating divorce. I was saddened, but not surprised.

When you read in the Gospels about the many that were healed, there is a common theme: joy. Everyone that is healed is overjoyed and often go about sharing their joy far and wide. They can’t contain themselves, because they were healed — not because they were sick. The same is true for any Catholic whose broken heart was healed and shattered life restored by their personal encounter with Christ. They are not celebrating the divorce, quite the contrary. They are celebrating being healed. And so should you!

And one of them, realizing he had been healed, returned, glorifying God in a loud voice. – Luke 17:15

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10 thoughts on “Overjoyed

    If the complainers have not been divorced and catholic they have no idea what we go through. we need to find joy. my life feels over sometimes. I need your site. Thank you.♥

  2. Dearest Vince Frese, I have begun a posting to you more times than I have fingers and toes, but never hit the enter key. Believe it or not I am somewhat of a loud and proud Texas lady until matters of the heart and soul become tender. Raised with deep Southern and Irish Catholic roots – I gratefully have rediscovered my remarkable faith and connected more deeply than ever throughout this last two years of a devastating and unexpected divorce. It is hard to imagine anything more painful. Finding your blog and writings have been a true Godsend to me. Your an admirable man for putting this all out on the table and you have been an inspiration to me, guiding a path through the realities of this awful thing called Divorce. I recently met with Monsignor Bill of my parish and I could never have gotten up the strength to sit and pour out my heart to him had it not been for your stand and words of strength. I deeply Thank You and request that you never stop sharing and fighting for us out here that truly need to be heard! There are SO MANY OF US! Respectfully, Jan J. Rayburn, Houston, Texas

    • Jan,

      You are so welcome, and thank you so much for your very kind comment! I have to give all the credit to the Holy Spirit who inspires my words. You are living proof of Romans 8:28, that God brings good out of everything for those who love Him. I am so blessed that the Lord has used my painful experience of divorce AND my joyful experience of His healing me to help in healing others — including you! Praise God!

      Keep Living the Faith!

  3. The sweet nun in our parish directed me the the Divorced Catholic website three years ago. It saved my sanity & perhaps my life.

  4. I have not only shared several of your postings with others I know going through divorce, but also those facing various challenges and struggles. The words of faith apply to anyone seeking a deeper faith and relationship with God. Thank you for sharing

  5. I’m glad you kept the name. When my 29 year marriage ended because of my former spouse’s repeated infidelity, I was devastated. I felt there was nothing for me in the Catholic Church. I attended a Methodist church because they offered a Divorce Care group. But, I missed the sacraments, so after a year I joined a traditional Episcopal church. Beautiful liturgy, friendly, kind people but—something was still missing. I did an internet search one day and came across your site. I ordered everything I could. After almost a year, I joyfully returned to the Catholic Church. The name Divorced Catholic I googled led me to the Recovering from Divorce Program and back to the church.

    • Jennifer,

      I am so thankful that you did not give up in your pursuit of the sacraments and the Church! I pray that the name Divorced Catholics leads many more fallen-away Catholics back to the Church. She yearns for them!

      Live Abundantly,

  6. This article really resonates with me. I have felt shame for so long and now that I am healing, I am feeling so much more joy. God has blessed me and I am moving forward after beating myself up and blaming myself for my husband leaving me for another woman. It has taken 5 long years of tears, praying and counseling to come to this point in my life. I now pray that at 64 I am able to take down the walls and to have the confidence to date.