Pour Out My Love

My greatest lament during my divorce was the break up of my family. I knew in my heart that what was best for my kids was for them to be raised in an intact family by both parents. Because of the divorce, that dream was crushed. I felt so badly for my kids. I felt like they were going to suffer greatly without a “real” family. It broke my heart.

Not knowing what else to do, I kept crying out desperately to Jesus to help us. The more I prayed, the more I kept sensing the Lord telling me to “just love them.” And that’s what I did. I focused on loving my kids each and everyday as totally and completely as I could. I poured out my love to them, giving it everything I had. I often fell into bed late at night exhausted after a day of preparing meals, brushing hair into ponytails, waiting at bus stops, doing laundry, helping with homework, shuttling to scouts and sports, baths, and nighttime prayers–all while holding down a fulltime job. I literally loved my kids back to life after the divorce. It worked. While they still ached from experiencing the divorce, they were able to accept it and life moved on. What I came to realize is that love is the universal cure of which there is always an endless supply. Our Lord kept supplying me with all the love I needed and my tank never ran dry.

Trust that God will always provide all the love you need. His love is the endless source of healing and hope for you and for all those impacted by your divorce.

Even if I am to be poured as a libation upon the sacrificial offering of your faith, I am glad and rejoice with you all. – Philippians 2:17


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7 thoughts on “Pour Out My Love

  1. This inspiration is very true. We can only control what we can control. My kids and I still ache from the divorce but we do the best we can. Our love for God and each other has gotten stronger. Love is a choice and not a feeling.

  2. This is the part I still struggle with. I hurt for my kids not having both parents, but with my situation keeping my ex at home would have put the kids in danger.

  3. This gives me hope. Love is for free, and we can try again and again everyday no matter how tired we are. This could be one of the few things that happens after divorce, yor relationship is more directly towards your children, on on one, when you were married you needed to pay attention to their mother, now all of the attention is for them, and that is more rewarding. I deeply hope that when they gro up they realize how hard I tried them to be fine, I am not sure they get it, how difficult it can be making life look like normal again without them realising all the pain and lonliness and disappoinment behind the surface. All the strugges to get things going on.