“I am terrified I won’t get my annulment,” Cindy blurted out with tears literally streaming down her face. This surprised me because, all during the three-hour workshop, Cindy was the epitome of composure. She seemed to have it all together. Yet, the fear that she was keeping down could no longer be contained.

What Cindy was so terrified of was not her annulment, but a life potentially doomed to never being able to be married again in the Catholic Church should it be denied. She was getting ahead of herself. She was presuming something that had not even happened yet, and may never happen, and was wracked with fear.

Fear is the opposite of trust. When we allow it to control us, we derail the plan God has for our lives. Cindy was clinging to her own life’s script and how she wanted it to play out. In her mind, not getting an annulment was clearly going off script. Sadly, this blinded her to the abundant life, excitement, purpose, and joy that is guaranteed to her when she follows God’s script — even if it means not being able to be married again.

Clearly, life is full of the unexpected and quite often does not play out like we planned (your divorce is a supreme example). When we trust God, we are open to following His plan for our lives, a plan based on tremendous love, a unique purpose, and a desire of only what is best for us. When we don’t trust, we yank the script right out of God’s hands and tear it up. What a shame; all of that incredible potential, of what could have been, lost because of fear. Cling to Christ, even when you are terrified, and trust that His plan for you is better, more exciting, and more fulfilling than you can ever imagine.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
on your own intelligence do not rely;
In all your ways be mindful of him,
and he will make straight your paths. – Proverbs 3:5-6

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2 thoughts on “Terrified

  1. Crying as I read this. I, too, am waiting for my annulment to be granted. I’m confident that it will be. It just takes so long. It’s been four years since my divorce and I’m just lonely. I do know that fear is a feeling and not a fact. Sometimes it’s just hard to be strong and I feel like all I do is pray. God is very faithful, I know that. Sometimes my feelings don’t reflect my faith.

    • Jennifer,

      I love the realness of your emotions. It is palpable! It is okay to be afraid and uncertain. That is human. Keep doing what you are doing: praying and putting your trust in Our Lord. He NEVER fails us!

      Live Abundantly,