A New Path

The face was pretty, yet the eyes held a deep sadness. I would guess that “Sandy” was in her late 30’s. She came to one of my workshops searching for answers. While she couldn’t quite seem to put the questions into words, her being there told the whole story. “I have been divorced about a year and a half, have two young kids, and I just moved in with my boyfriend,” she shared, almost like a confession. Sandy had chosen a path for her life and that of her kids, but the tone in her voice told me she was not at all certain it was the right one.

Divorce leaves us dazed and confused; we try desperately to put our lives back together. In our desperation, we choose a path for our life hoping that it will lead us to the peace we so anxiously yearn for. More often than not, it is a dead-end. Why is that? Well, because there is only one path to peace: Jesus Christ.

Like Sandy, we all are guilty of trying every other path, thinking, hoping, we will, at last, find peace. In Sandy’s case, she staked everything on that relationship with her boyfriend. She thought that was the path to peace for her and her kids. Her heart told her what her head had refused to believe: she was on the wrong path. Her decision to show up that day, while on the surface seemed like a search for answers, was really a decision to start down a new path, a path led by Christ. The same is true for you, too. It is never too late to chart a new course, to start down a new path — this time with Christ as your guide.

“I am the way and the truth and the life.” – John 14:6

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