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So many people want to offer advice when you are struggling with divorce. Who can you trust? What is the truth?

I had the same challenges when I was going through my divorce. Unfortunately, there was not a single source I could turn to for answers. Now there is.

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Based on years of research and experience, Divorced. Catholic. Now What? answers the most challenging questions Catholics face when experiencing divorce.

Find answers to these, and many other, important questions:

  • What does the Church really teach about divorce?
  • Can I still receive the sacraments after my divorce?
  • Why does God allow divorce to happen?
  • What is an annulment?
  • Can I date after my divorce?
  • How can I best help my children deal with the divorce?
  • How can my Catholic faith help me recover from my divorce?

What Others Are Saying

Here is what others are saying about Divorced. Catholic. Now What?

I would highly recommend this book as a LIFE SAVER to anyone going through a divorce or even those who have been divorced for years or decades. It will transform your view on life. – Beth

As a devout Catholic convert I feel this was a great reference for Catholic beliefs in layman’s terms and wished I had read or been taught things talked about in this book as I was entering the church and definitely before marriage. – Johnny

This book is comprehensive and a great start for Catholics who aren’t already familiar with the annulment process. – L. Carter

This book was amazing and has helped me find peace and a path..Thank you so much! I found this book by accident..I wasn’t looking..it’s like a little miracle..the best gift in a long time. – Nancy

Although, I have not finished the book, I have already discovered a lot of information. I was not raised Catholic, but I have a friend who was. She is also divorced and did not have a lot of answers for her own questions or mine. This is helping. – C. A. Casagrande

Used by Parishes and Dioceses

Because it is based on the Truth of our Catholic faith, Divorced. Catholic. Now What? is the backbone of divorce support programs facilitated in parishes and dioceses. Just like them, you can trust that what you are reading is fully aligned with the Magisterium of the Church, not someone’s opinion.

Fully Catholic

Unlike other divorce support books, Divorced. Catholic. Now What? addresses all the issues of divorce from the Catholic perspective. Important issues like dating and remarriage are addressed head-on using solid Catholic teaching. Don’t be mislead by non-Catholic materials that have a very different perspective on these critical life issues.

Helping Thousands Worldwide

Divorced. Catholic. Now What? has helped thousands of Catholics worldwide recover from divorce and rebuild their lives. It walks you through the most difficult issues of divorce by taking you step-by-step through what the Catholic Church teaches on each subject.

The Now What section in each chapter gives you specific exercises to help you work through, and cope with, the critical issues you are facing. These hands-on exercises make Divorced. Catholic. Now What? a literal “how-to” manual for recovering from divorce.

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