Change Agent

“I have had situations where clients have said to me: ‘I have prayed my rosary everyday for three years and that has not changed my ex one bit.’  Well, the wrong person got changed.”,  shares Sandy McKay, a wonderful, Catholic therapist on the Voices of Hope DVD. This is so true.  I know I fell into […]

Do You Want the Truth?

“You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!”  Those were the famous words that Jack Nicholson delivered so passionately in the movie A Few Good Men.  And he was right.  Many people can’t handle the truth, especially when it sheds light on poor choices or brings on consequences.  This is often the case when […]

Dealing with Divorce: Tip #1

When you are divorced or separated, there is no shortage of people telling you to “Look on the bright side.” Yeah, right! Much easier said than done. While they mean well, unless they have been in your shoes, they really don’t have a clue how difficult life can be. Well, I have been in your […]