The Greatest Gift

I want you to stop what you are doing and clear your mind for a few seconds. Good. Now, think back to the greatest gift you ever received in your life. What was it? It could have been a special toy that you really wanted for Christmas, but thought it was impossible for you to receive. It could have been the brand-new car you received for graduation. Maybe it was your father returning home from war–safe and sound. Or, maybe, you were cured of cancer. Whatever it is, let your mind drift back to the day you received that incredible gift. Let those feelings well up inside you once again. Feel it all over again as if it was the first time. Allow yourself to be overwhelmed with joy just like you were on the day you received the greatest gift of your life.

Jesus feels that same way about you.

“Father, they are your gift to me.” – John 17:24

Originally posted 2014-06-12 06:00:02.

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