Single Parenting Tip: Make Life Predictable

I remember clearly the turmoil that surrounded my separation and divorce and how greatly it impacted my kids. Their mom moved out and suddenly their world was turned upside down. To them it was like an explosion went off  and they were seriously dazed and confused. Nothing was familiar any more. Everything had changed.  Like […]

Coming Out of the Darkness of Divorce

At any given time, everyone has some aspect of their life that could be described as a “darkness”. It could be a physical darkness due to an illness with yourself or a loved one. It could be a financial darkness due to the loss of a job. It could be an emotional darkness due to a […]

Fear Is A Lousy Strategy

One of the most common reactions to divorce is fear. That is very understandable. Who wouldn’t be scared if their entire life came crashing in around them? The problem with fear is not being scared, that’s normal. The problem is acting on fear.

Raising Your Kids Catholic Despite Divorce

Raising out children Catholic after a divorce can be very difficult if the other spouse is not cooperative, and 9 times out of 10 they are not. Heck, if they were strong Catholics, you most likely would not have ended up divorced. There are two ways to approach this: the temporal and the spiritual. Both […]

Dealing with Divorce: Tip #1

When you are divorced or separated, there is no shortage of people telling you to “Look on the bright side.” Yeah, right! Much easier said than done. While they mean well, unless they have been in your shoes, they really don’t have a clue how difficult life can be. Well, I have been in your […]

Caught by surprise. Why does it still hurt?

When I was going through my divorce my counselor described grieving as a process. Typically it includes denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. The first time through this process usually takes the longest. Once you are through it, life seems to get better and your positive outlook returns. It is also very common for something […]

Welcome to My New and Improved Blog!

I have been hard at work for the last three months completely redoing my blog. I have added many new features to hopefully serve you better. Here is a recap: FREE Ebook I have just released my new ebook, Daily Inspirations for Divorced Catholics, Top 30 Reader Favorites. It’s free, and only available when you […]