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I have been hard at work for the last three months completely redoing my blog. I have added many new features to hopefully serve you better. Here is a recap:

FREE Ebook

I have just released my new ebook, Daily Inspirations for Divorced Catholics, Top 30 Reader Favorites. It’s free, and only available when you subscribe to my blog. Simply enter your email address on the right side under the picture of my ebook.

More Blog Posts

First and foremost, I will now start posting more blog articles. In the past, I have primarily been posting the Daily Inspirations. Now, I will post articles on a variety of topics including: recovering from divorce, single parenting, dating and relationships, remarriage, and even step parenting. These posts will contain lots of practical and how-to information to guide on life as a divorced Catholic. You can expect at least one new blog post each week, usually more.

Blog Posts Categorized

I have categorized all my blog posts into seven different categories. You can access the blog posts for a particular category by clicking on the category buttons just under my logo. Each Daily Inspiration post will also have a topic category. For example, my recent No Coincidence Inspiration can be found in the Daily Inspiration category and the Single Parenting category.

Improved Search

The search box in the upper right side of my blog will allow you to find any post on my blog. Check it out.

About Me

My About Me page was rather anemic on my previous blog. I have greatly improved it to include lots of information about me, my personal story, and what qualifies me to be able to help you.

Start Here

Start Here is a totally new page on my blog. This page goes into extensive detail on where I can help you and the means I use to do it. Check it out. It is rather extensive, but well worth the read.

Daily Inspirations

I have now dedicated a page to the Daily Inspirations. This page will allow you see all past Inspirations, and subscribe to them.


I have added a Store page to allow you to purchase my book, Divorced. Catholic. Now What?. Look for additional products soon. All products are sold and shipped by divorcedcatholic.org.

Contact Me

I have really beefed my Contact Me page. You can email me directly from here. If you are interested in having me come and speak, or facilitate a workshop, there is a link to my Speaking page.

Lots More

There is lots of other stuff like my permission policy and my privacy policy on the site. I encourage you to click around.

The redo has been sorely needed. I hope you find the blog a great resource. I am hard at work every day to provide as many resources as possible to help you on your journey from divorce to reclaiming your abundant life. Don’t hesitate to let me know how I am doing.

Wishing you an abundant life!

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