Humble Pie

The month after my divorce was filed, my life was in crisis, to say the least. I was simultaneously dealing with the extremely painful emotional fallout, while trying to work, and take care of three small children. I was consumed with doing all the things I needed to get done. My attitude was, “It is all up to me.” The prayer I prayed over and over each day was “Lord, help me get through this!” I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders, especially when I had these three pairs of little eyes staring up at me each day. The struggle was overwhelming.

During one particularly stressful day, my doorbell rang. I opened the door to be greeted by a woman and her two boys. Let’s call her Angela. I had worked with Angela while serving on the PTA at my kids’ school. She and her boys were holding a picnic basket filled with food. Angela explained that she figured I could use some help, so she brought over dinner. I was speechless. Once I regained my composure, I thanked her profusely. Angela continued to bring me and the kids dinner once a week for several months. To me, she was one of God’s angels sent to help me when I needed it most.

The Lord answered my prayer for help in a powerful way, but not in the way I had expected. You see, my pride made me focus only on what I could do to meet the many demands of my day. Had I been more humble, I would have realized that there was no way I could do it all on my own. God knew I needed help, and thankfully He put angels in my path. Don’t feel like you need to carry the weight of your divorce by yourself. Humbly acknowledge your need for help to God and others. God has an army of angels anxious to jump in and assist you. Don’t let your pride stand in the way.

Humble yourself the more, the greater you are, and you will find mercy in the sight of God. – Sirach 3:17

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