Red Bull or Lamb of God?

InspirationAs I look back on the years immediately following my divorce, I often reflect and think,”How did I do it?” Divorce often thrusts us into a world of activity and responsibility that no mere schedule can accommodate. We can attempt to become ultra-disciplined by managing our time, our responsibilities with kids, work, legal issues, and day-to-day tasks, however they often overlap, leaving us defeated, frustrated, and both emotionally and physically drained. If you dare to dwell on it all you could easily slip into despair.

So, what is the answer? How was I able to manage small kids, school, a job, the upkeep of a home, and financial worries? I received Jesus Christ in the Eucharist almost every day. As I approached the priest in the communion line I would pray, “Be the source of my strength, that in You I will have strength for everything.” And, believe it or not, things would always seem to work out. Kids got to where they needed to be, jobs got done, needs were met, friends jumped in to help when least expected, and I was physically energized, able to navigate through my hectic days with relative peace.

The next time you feel exhausted and overwhelmed, instead of reaching for a Red Bull, reach instead for Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, the true source of our strength.

I have the strength for everything through him who empowers me. – Philippians 4:13


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