True Freedom

Divorce always sounds like the word “divide” to me. I am no Latin expert, but my guess is they both have the same root word. Sadly, divorce is a time marked by division. Much of what you love and cherish has been lopped off. You tend to be consumed with fighting to keep what is yours: your home, your money, your kids, and your self-respect. It is easy to focus on what you have lost.

Your true freedom comes from stepping back from the trials of life and focusing on your faith, the love of your family, your education, your ability to give and love, and your purpose. These are all things that no one, and nothing, can take away—not even divorce. Take a moment and reflect on these blessings; blessings rooted in God, not this world. Let this fill you with confidence that you were made for so much more than this world can provide—or take away.

For whenever anyone bears the pain of unjust suffering because of consciousness of God, that is a grace. – 1 Peter 2:19

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