Dialed In

“Just a little more to the right. No, too far! Back to the left… Just a hair more… Almost… Wait… That’s it!” were the instructions I was barking at my brother one Spring morning when I was a kid. We had won a crystal radio kit the evening before at a Boy Scout meeting and were excitedly putting it together. It was the strangest device. By moving a little needle across a crystal, you could actually pick up radio waves and hear them. The sound was very faint, and you had to get the needle in just the right spot, but, much to our gleeful surprise, we could actually hear music from a local radio station. Oh, the wonders of science!

Surprisingly, life after divorce has a lot in common with that crystal radio. So often, we get consumed in dealing with the trauma that comes with divorce, and focused on rebuilding our lives, that we don’t tune into how God is working (or trying to work) in our lives. As a result, all we hear is our own music — the music of doubt, fear, and despair. When we take time to tune into God, our heads are filled with His music — music of confidence, trust, and hope.

So, take time each day in silent prayer and focus on dialing into how God is alive and working in your life. When you do, you are sure to hear the sweetest music that will lift your spirits and fill you with the courage and confidence you need to keep going on your journey toward healing and abundant life.

I will listen for what God, the Lord, has to say; surely he will speak of peace to his people and to his faithful. May they not turn to foolishness! – Psalms 85:9

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