Avoid Pitfalls: Essential Key to Recovering from Divorce

Six proven ways to avoid major setbacks on the road to recovering from divorce

Avoid Pitfalls

When recovering from divorce, it is just as smart to avoid doing the wrong things as it is to do the right things. One poor decision can be a major setback on the road to recovery. Here are six things you want to avoid: 1. Dating/Bars/Nightclubs After a divorce, you are very vulnerable. And who […]

Essential Key to Recovering from Divorce: Your Kids

Six powerful ways to help your kids adjust to divorce and aid in your own recovery


My kids are so stressed out that two of my boys are pulling out their eyebrows.” Ellen said in between her sobs. She went on to explain that, while it had been over three years since her divorce was final, she and her former spouse were still viciously fighting with each other, many times in […]

Essential Key to Recovering from Divorce: Your Former Spouse

Four ways to help ensure a more peaceful future when dealing with your former spouse

former spouse

This is the third time this month you have been late picking up the kids. You are going to have to figure out a way to be more on time,” I said coldly. My former spouse just looked at me with a mixture of embarrassment and exhaustion. After the kids were gone and the house […]

Essential Key to Recovering from Divorce: Find Peace

Six Sure-fire Ways to Find Peace During the Difficult Days of Divorce

The words, “Daddy, that doesn’t sound very good.” jolted me back into reality. My four-year-old daughter had slipped up behind me without my noticing. Quickly wiping the tears from my cheek, I turned around to see her sleepy eyes and her curly hair tossed into a bird’s nest — clearly, I had woken her up. […]

Essential Key to Recovering from Divorce: Get Support

Three Tips to Help You Recover More Quickly from Divorce

I vividly remember a day, about three months into my divorce, driving to my counselor’s office. I remember it because I was feeling so emotionally crushed. I had been battling to keep my marriage alive for the prior two years, and for the last three months I had been witnessing its destruction, piece by painful […]

Live in the Moment!

Six Ways to Restore Hope After Divorce

The low point in my divorce came on Christmas Day, 2000. My attorney (he is Jewish) called me to explain the latest legal strategy my former spouse was using in our very contentious custody battle. (Aren’t they all?!) It was bad enough that I was emotionally shattered from going through a divorce with three small […]