Essential Key to Recovering from Divorce: Get Support

Three Tips to Help You Recover More Quickly from Divorce

I vividly remember a day, about three months into my divorce, driving to my counselor’s office. I remember it because I was feeling so emotionally crushed. I had been battling to keep my marriage alive for the prior two years, and for the last three months I had been witnessing its destruction, piece by painful […]

Live in the Moment!

Six Ways to Restore Hope After Divorce

The low point in my divorce came on Christmas Day, 2000. My attorney (he is Jewish) called me to explain the latest legal strategy my former spouse was using in our very contentious custody battle. (Aren’t they all?!) It was bad enough that I was emotionally shattered from going through a divorce with three small […]

Perfect Timing

As a typical Type A personality, my natural tendency is to act quickly to address any problem that might arise. This was never more true than when I was going through my divorce. Unfortunately, acting too quickly often pushes God out of the situation as we can step all over His plans. Remember, God’s timing […]


“That’s not fair!” screamed my five-year-old through a stream of tears. He was very upset that his older brother had received a fancy t-shirt as his souvenir on a recent trip to a Florida theme park. Ironically, just moments before, he was quite satisfied with the whiz-bang light saber he had chosen as his souvenir. […]

Essential Key To Recovering from Divorce: Focus

It was late one October evening and I was in my basement office. All my kids were sound asleep. Their mother was out — again. This had become part of a distinct pattern over the past year. Her late nights, unexplained absences, missing important school events, and a general detachment from family life, had become […]

Five Keys to Raising Your Kids Catholic After Divorce

Raising our children Catholic after a divorce can be very difficult if your former spouse is not cooperative. There are two ways to help ensure our kids keep the faith: the worldly and the spiritual. Both are necessary, and must be in the right balance, to ensure consistency in raising your kids Catholic. That’s really all […]