Brick by Brick

The crisis of divorce is often like one’s house burning down. When it is all over, all that is left is the charred remains of what was once a marriage. Just like with a burned house, your life must be rebuilt. The first phase involves clearing away the rubble of your life.

The next phase is to rebuild your life. This is often more difficult and scarier than the first. Where do you begin? What do you change? What do you leave the same? Just as you would if you needed to rebuild your house, you must seek out the help of an architect. When rebuilding your life, your architect is the Holy Spirit. Seek out His guidance in daily prayer, and sensitize yourself to His urgings through the Sacraments. When you do, each inspiration you follow is like another brick forming the foundation of your new life. A life that will surely be better, stronger, and more vibrant than ever.

The Advocate, the holy Spirit that the Father will send in my name-he will teach you everything and remind you of all that [I] told you. – John 14:26

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