Car Wreck

I often equate recovering from divorce to recovering from a near-fatal car accident. You emerge from divorce with your emotional well-being on life support. Every day can bring an avalanche of pain. Relief can be nowhere in sight.

Just as physical therapy is used to help mend a broken body, your faith can help mend a broken heart. It makes sense that for physical therapy to be effective it must be done consistently. A single, or sporadic, burst of exercise won’t really have any lasting effect. The same is true with your faith life. An intense night of prayer, or occasionally receiving the Eucharist, is unlikely to restore your emotional strength for very long.

Christ is The Great Healer. Your faith is the means to invite Him into your life. The more you practice it, the more you allow Christ to work His miracles. Make prayer, adoration, reading the Scriptures, and receiving the Sacraments, particularly the Eucharist, part of your routine. The more, the better. This is a surefire remedy to restore you back to the fullness of life after the painful collision of divorce.

Pray without ceasing. – 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Originally posted 2014-12-11 06:00:30.

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3 thoughts on “Car Wreck

  1. I am standing for the restoration of my marriage. It’s a long story but my priest supports me and I’ve no reason to think of a new relationship except with the Lord. If He restores me (and someday my now exH) I’ll be that much better but if it be His Will to restore us too, what a great day that will be. All in His perfect timing!

    • Nelda,
      Please update us on how things are going. It is honorable that you would want your marriage restored and I hope that this is the case for you; but, often it is just not possible. Please do not feel like a failure if this does not work out the way you want. I spent decades trying to fix my Catholic husband who, as it turned out, had multiple secret lives. Vince’s analogy to a near-fatal car wreck is so accurate! Sometimes things just happen to you and sometimes we bear some responsibility. In any case, we just need to climb out of the wreck and work on healing from our injuries and getting strong again.

      As to another relationship–being divorced or even having an annulment does not mean that you need to be part of another romantic relationship. We just need to patiently wait on God’s plan. There are much worse things than being single.