Gizmo was pacing around in circles. My brother had found this little, skinny puppy shivering and cold underneath his car in the parking lot of his office. He decided to adopt the dog, and he had just returned from the vet after the initial check-up. As is common for puppies, Gizmo had intestinal worms. Suddenly, Gizmo stopped pacing and proceed to pass the worms infesting him. It was totally gross! The medicine Gizmo was given clearly worked.

When he was found, poor Gizmo was skin and bones, largely due to the worms that had attached to his intestines. These worms were literally sucking the life out of him. Within two weeks of the worm passing episode, Gizmo was a plump, healthy, rambunctious puppy, chewing up everything in sight. He was back to living a vibrant life…well, by puppy standards, anyway.

Our sins are like Gizmo’s worms (disgusting analogy, I know!), sucking the life out of us. While we may be able to get through each day, we are far from the vibrant, thriving person we were created to be. As long as we ignore them, our sins will continue to intercept our peace, joy, and fulfillment. Our vitality gone, we are left wondering why we are unhappy, restless, and not content.

How do you get rid of your “worms” of sin? Go to confession. Through this sacrament, Our Lord delivers His medicine of mercy, that is guaranteed to kill your sin and return you to the vibrant, thriving person you were created to be.

If we acknowledge our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive our sins and cleanse us from every wrongdoing. – 1 John 1:9

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2 thoughts on “Worms

  1. Vince, you are so right with respect to confession . It is very cleansing . Tends to lift the weight off your shoulders and helps to get rid of the excess baggage we carry around . Thanx