Turn On The Light

At any given time, everyone has some aspect of their life that could be described as in “darkness.”  It could be physical darkness due to an illness with yourself or a loved one. It could be financial darkness due to the loss of a job. Or, it could be emotional darkness due to a divorce. Whatever your darkness is, it is sure to create a lot of fear and anxiety.

The great news is Jesus has provided a pathway out of the darkness: belief in Him. This belief is much more than a mental decision. It requires a total, complete, trust. The kind of clinging-to-the-scrap-of-wood-when-you’re-adrift-in-the-middle-of-a-stormy-sea trust. That piece of wood is your lifeline. Your life depends on it, and you are not letting go of it no matter what. That is the type of trust you must have in Christ. Coming out of darkness is not typically a single event where suddenly the dawn breaks and your world is filled with light. It is typically a process where gradually the darkness fades. It will take time. During this time, cling tightly to Christ and know that He will lead you out of your darkness. He is your lifeline.

“I came into the world as light, so that everyone who believes in me might not remain in darkness.” – John 12:46

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4 thoughts on “Turn On The Light

  1. Please know that I love your posts. They all speak directly to me and to what I am currently going through. Thank you.

    • Mary Ann,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I have to give all credit to the Holy Spirit that inspires me. I am so pleased you are finding the posts so helpful. I will be sure to keep writing them!

      Live Abundantly,

  2. It is true, your posts are really helpful for a divorced catholic, in fact I believe divorce is a new kind of poverty in the wealthy countries, and it is an unatended poverty. Our dearest and so deeply loved Catholic Church is so often so slow and unskillful to respond to the current and real social problems