My Heart Leapt

I must have looked like a total zombie as I shuffled through the doors of the church. The night before was a complete nightmare and I got absolutely zero sleep. My wife had revealed to me that she did not want to be married anymore. This came as a complete surprise, given that I thought we had a pretty good marriage and life raising our three young kids. Not really sure what to do the next morning, I instinctively drove to my parish hoping to get some desperately needed advice from my pastor.

As I walked into the church, I noticed several people filing into the day chapel. It was a weekday and I correctly assumed that morning Mass was about to begin. Devastated and physically exhausted, I just numbly followed in behind the stragglers. I remember sensing a powerful, yet fleeting, emotion the moment I slipped into the back pew. It was momentary, but unmistakable:  peace. In the midst of the emotional tsunami I was experiencing, I had a flash of peace. That was the last thing I had expected, but I could not deny it.

Why was that? Why in the midst of my world crumbling around me did I experience this momentary “pause” in my unbearable pain? Because my soul recognized Pure Love. You see, we are made out of pure love by God, the source of Pure Love. When we come into the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, our soul instantly recognizes its creator. When a lost child finds their parent, their heart leaps for joy — the search is over and peace floods in. That is what I experienced that morning; Jesus cradled my shattered heart and I found relief.

And so can you. Our creator, the one that is Pure Love, is always available to you in the Eucharist to console, comfort, and strengthen you. Just as John the Baptist’s soul recognized Our Lord while still in Elizabeth’s womb and leapt for joy, your soul will leap for joy when you come into His presence, too. Find your peace in the Eucharist.

For at the moment the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the infant in my womb leaped for joy. – Luke 1:44

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4 thoughts on “My Heart Leapt

  1. Great inspiration. I totally agree. When I receive the Eucharist, I feel Christ giving me a hug. I forget about the pain and stress and think about what really matters, God, my two awesome kids, family, friends, and our beautiful church. I try to make daily mass as much as I can.